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About us

Global Net New Zealand is a Japanese-operated travel company in New Zealand.
We are a custom tour and FIT and group tour specialist. We can arrange any journey at all. We can book your entire ski holiday, fishing trip, rental car travel, hiking tours, golf tours, or any small part of your voyage(e,g: hotel bookings, bus tours, etc).
We are a highly respected and reliable company. We have been featured in many travel magazines in JAPAN. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff and rapid response to all inquires.

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Company details

Company name Global Net New Zealand Ltd.
Director Hiro Ueda
Address 1005/79 Airedale Street, Auckland
Phone TEL:09 281 2143 Fax:09 366 1946
E-Mail sales@globalnetnz.com
Opening hours 9:00~17:00(Mon - Fri)
URL www.globalnetnz.com
Registration and licence NZ Registered Company
NZ Certificate of Incorporation 1228734 > Certificate
NZ Business Insurance P/S18360
NZ Passenger Service Licence 0213117 > Certificate
NZ Rental Service Licence 0242873 > Certificate

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Global Net New Zealand Ltd.

P.O.Box 105-155, Auckland City, 1143, Auckland, New Zealand
09 281 2143
09 366 1946